Changes at White Tiger

May. 15, 2019

Our hours have changed

We are now open Thursday and Friday by appointment only.

May. 15, 2019

Herbs we are now stocking at White Tiger

We will continue to stock a limited number of the most commonly used Chinese herbal formulas in the 200 tablet size. Typically, these are the small white bottles with blue and red labels on a yellowish background with “Guang Ci Tang” label. When other formulas have sold out, I will not be re-stocking them.

Ba Zhen (Tonics 8)
Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang (QiVive)
Gui Pi Tang (Spleen Vive)
Huo Xiang Zheng Qi Pian (Stomacare)
Jia Wei Xiao Yao San (Ease Tonic Plus)
Liu Wei Di Huang Pian (YinVive)
Ping Wei Pian (Stomach Dampclear)
Xiao Yao San (Ease Tonic)
Tian Wang Bu Xin Pian (Heart Vigor)
Wen Dan Tang (Spirit Soothe)
Yu Ping Feng Pian (Jade Defender)
Zhi Bai Di Huang Pian (YinVive Cool)

If you need a different formula, I can put a prescription in for you with my supplier Golden Needle. Then you can order directly from them with a credit card.

Also, I will not be stocking “Evergreen Herbs” at the clinic but I can order them for you and bill you after they are shipped directly to you. These include Shine, Equilibrium, Osteo-8, Vitality, Polygonum 14 and Shine (DS). I have a few bottles of various formulas on hand.

Please check the foyer table for other items on SALE at for 7.00 apiece. See a partial list below:

Du Huo Ji Sheng Pian (Joints Joy)
Zhen Zhu An Chuang Pian (AcniPearl)
Er Chen He San Zi Yhan Qin Pian (Coughsoff)
Te Xiao Zao Ren An Mian Pian (Sleepeace)
Chuan Xin Lian Kang Yan Pian (InflamClear)
Ke Chuan Pian (Breathmooth)
Bi Yan Pian (Nasopass)