The subtle healing of flowers

Rhodiola Rosea, an adaptogen and flower essence

Many years ago, I studied flower essences in depth through the work of Patricia Kaminski and Edward Bach.  I just completed an intensive workshop with Sara Crow, L.Ac. and co-owner of Floracopeia whose essential oils and other botanicals are of superior quality and efficacy.  Sara uses flower essences extensively in her acupuncture practice.  

These are the most subtle of the botanical triad with essential oils being the strongest, the herb itself being the intermediate layer and the flower essence the least physical.  As subtle remedies, they are particularly useful in the mental-spiritual-emotional realm.  This does not mean they don't have a physical effect but they really shine in these other layers.  

Ask me to recommend an essence or blend to you during you treatment if you are interested.  I have many in my apothecary and can make up a bottle for you.  If you are already a patient, you will only be charged for the dosage bottle.  

If you are interested only in a flower essence consultation, contact me for more information.