How can herbs help with staying healthy?

  • This is the number one question coming in to the clinic now.  Along with all the usual precautions (hand-washing, staying out of big crowds, etc.) I will share what I am doing personally and herbally for me and my husband as of March 10, 2020. 
    • Taking Jade Defender 2-3x a day.
    • Keeping both Inflamclear and Coldclear on hand, should we get sick.  
    • Keeping a small stock of Olive leaf capsules on hand, also should one of us become ill.  
    • Using an elderberry-zinc-Vit C lozenge once a day. 
  • Check out Plum Dragon herbs for what looks like a very good package they are putting together for febrile, epidemic-like diseases.
  • I can put an order in for you to Golden Needle for the herbal formulas via a simple process where they are delivered directly to you.
  • Or you can look for them online.  The brand I carry most often is Guang Ci Tang.  Nature's Way makes the elderberry lozenges I like and Amazon sells them.  Olive leaf you can find just about anywhere. 

Be well.  

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