For my first year school project, I wrote poems for each phase (or element) in Chinese Medicine theory.  Each phase has a long list of correspondences that includes season of the year, sound, smell, related organ systems, etc.  We were encouraged to know these like the back of our hand. These associations are the bread and butter of insightful diagnosis and treatment and help practitioners to understand patients more thoroughly. 

The season of Metal is usually placed from somewhere around Halloween to Solstice.  Summer has clearly passed, though there may be occasional warm days.  The trees have few leaves left and the wind blows them down and around.  Soups and stews start to look good as the digestive system calls for something warm and nourishing.  Sweet potatoes and winter squash replace the cooling cucumbers and fresh salads of late summer.

Below is my learning poem for Metal which pertains to the organ pair of large intestine (yang) and lungs (yin).  Most charts show gray the color associated with Metal but it is also linked with white and clear.  The words that pertain to Metal are gray.

To be continued...............