An adventure of discovery between patient and practitioner

How many times have you heard things like, "Well, she's a diabetic with sciatica" or "He has fibromyalgia and GERD"?  Those diagnoses, while useful as descriptions of symptoms, are not necessarily things in themselves, grafted onto a person like a twig inserted into a bud on a branch.  

Chinese Medicine seeks to understand the interrelatedness of a person's constitution, natural inclinations, environment and stresses to understand where the symptoms are coming from and how best to unravel the knot.  One person's insomnia might be related to worry or grief while another's might come from a lack of complete digestion.  Another person's back pain might come from overuse and injury while someone else's comes from global depletion of the body's deep resources.

So the symptom picture gives us a starting point for where to look but the evaluation and subsequent treatment arise from a wider perspective that includes observation, interaction and informed intuition. This perspective is substantiated by the tools of Chinese Diagnosis,